Mission & Vision

An ion-trap quantum computer for Europe. Research project funded by the Quantum Technology Flagship


AQTION aims to build a quantum computer to outperform today’s classical supercomputers.

In particular, the developed system will employ a quantum register that is too large to be computationally described by any classical system. Operations on this system will subsequently provide solutions that can not be tackled with either state-of-the-art or future classical computers.

There are several technical challenges to overcome – from scalable laser systems, large-qubit numbers, an automated control, self-calibration routines, via a suite of algorithms to a versatile user-interface. Here each node in the AQTION consortium has years of experience in tackling these challenges – turning the challenges of a European quantum computing into an opportunity.


The mission of the AQTION projects is to realize a quantum computing demonstrator that is based on scalable ion traps and control electronics, and controlled by a holistic software stack that spans the range from architecture independent algorithms to system specific operations. The operations of this quantum computer are characterized and continuously monitored using scalable verification and validation procedures, 

Final goal of the project is to employ this quantum computing demonstrator to realize the first generation of experiments that will demonstrate an advantage of quantum technologies over their classical counterparts. 

Such experiments range from outperforming the computational power of classical supercomputers to demonstrating beneficial quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum information processing in a scalable system. We are convinced that completing this suite of experiments will be a landmark achievement on the path to applicable, large-scale quantum computers.