An ion-trap quantum computer for Europe. Research project funded by the Quantum Technology Flagship

The Project

AQTION stands for “Advanced Quantum computing with Trapped IONs”. The AQTION project aims to realize a robust, compact quantum computer in Europe, which is based on trapped ions.

Ion trap technology is a prime candidate when it comes to the realization of scalable quantum computers. Ion traps have pioneered several milestones of quantum information processing and they have become the platform on which the most complex quantum algorithms have been performed. These outstanding results have largely been realized by experimental and theoretical research groups throughout Europe.

It is the ultimate goal of AQTION to realize the first quantum computer that will be able to tackle problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers. The AQTION consortium which will establish European leadership in the quantum computing industry and drive excellence in quantum technologies in line with the strategic objectives of the FET Quantum Technologies Flagship.

Funding programme:
Project duration:
Project budget:

approx. 10 million Euro
Dr. Thomas Monz, Universtität Innsbruck

The Team

The AQTION project consortiums combines several world-leading academic research teams with leading industrial designers and manufacturers, thus covering the entire spectrum from fundamental research to industrial application.

A full list of all the partners can be found here.