An ion-trap quantum computer for Europe

AQTION is a major research project funded by the European Quantum Technology Flagship, which aims to develop and exploit a robust, compact ion-trap quantum computer based on scalable quantum hardware and widespread industry standards.


Our goal is to bring ion-trap quantum computing from the laboratory into a setting where applications can be devised and operated by non-specialist users. For this, we develop a scalable system that is compact, transportable and does not need an ultra-stable lab-environment for operation. The scalable components of this system are:


The understanding and applying of physics laws in the microscopic realm, resulting in ground-breaking inventions such as the transistor, the laser or the atomic clock, was coined the first quantum revolution. Today, we are on the threshold of the second quantum revolution. We have achieved control over quantum properties of single quantum objects such as atoms, and have learnt to manipulate customized systems and materials on the quantum level.

As a project under the Quantum Technologies (QT) Flaghship of the European Commission, AQTION is at the forefront of European efforts to push the boundaries for this new technology. Our project will help pave the way for truly scalable general purpose quantum computer architectures in Europe.

Within AQTION, world-leading academic research teams join forces with commercial leaders in the field of laser technology, optical design, and computer architectures to realize the first quantum computer that will tackle problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers.